*Rugged - heavy-duty construction designed for years of use and abuse with minimal maintenance. 

*Simple design -- easy to operate/maintain. 

*Quick access mixing chamber dual doors. 

*Tungsten-carbide tipped mixing blades for increased life. 

*Precision chemical pumps. 

*Supplied 100% complete and fully assembled for easy, quick installation. 

*Many options available - mixer can be custom fitted to match the application’s exact requirements. 

*Replacement parts available from TES-SAN or from high quality industrial supply houses in your area. 

*One year warranty. 

*All TES-SAN blades feature tungsten carbide tipped mixing blades. These blades offer extremely long life. 

*TES-SAN resin delivery system ensures consistent resin flow and greatly reduced effects of resin viscosity changes as compared to others. A PLC is used to control all critical mixer timing functions to ensure usable first and last sand 

*AUTO BLENDING SYSTEM in this way automatically changes the settings depending on the air temperature. 





*The heavy-duty upper grid breaks up the mold to allow for removal of the casting and serves to break down the lumps into particles small enough to drop through the top grid. Once the lumps pass through the grid, the sand is vibrated through a perforated plate. 

* This action not only serves to de-husk the sand, but also to remove sharp edges helping reduce the required resin addition when the sand is reused. 

*Nominal throughput depends on resin content, resin type, sand/metal ratio, metal poured, pouring temperature, mold cooling time, etc. 

*Compact design allows for easy installation. 

*Easy accessibility for cleaning. 

*Linear vibratory motion minimizes spill sand. 

*Heavy-duty construction for long production life. 

*Modular design for easy maintenance. 



Model  Tip/Type  Kapasite/Capacity t/h  Tabla Ölçüleri/Sizes
TRM3  Düşük seviye/Low Level  2-3 1.000 mm x 1.000 mm
TRM6  Düşük seviye/Low Level  4-6 1.500 mm x 1.500 mm
TRM9  Düşük seviye/Low Level  7-9  2.000 mm x 2.000 mm
TRM12  Düşük seviye/Low Level  10-12  2.000 mm x 2.000 mm
TRM15  Düşük seviye/Low Level  13-15  2.500 mm x 3.000 mm
TRMY6  Yüksek seviye/High Level  4-6  1.200 mm x 1.000 mm
TRMY9  Yüksek seviye/High Level  7-9  1.200 mm x 1.000 mm
TRMY12  Yüksek seviye/High Level  10-12  1.500 mm x 1.200 mm
TRMY15  Yüksek seviye/High Level  13-15  1.500 mm x 2.000 mm
TRMY20  Yüksek seviye/High Level  18-20  1.500 mm x 2.000 mm




*Better surface finish and less porosity. Reducing chemical additives reduces the gas that is generated. 

*More dimensionally accurate castings. Thermal reclamation creates expanded silica sand grains which do not go through the same expansion as new sand during every pour. In steel foundries this can limit or eliminate the need for iron oxides, zircon and chromite sands. 

*Far less odor and smoke in the foundry during pouring because less chemical binder is needed. 

*Less grinding and welding of castings is required. With fewer chemical additives and a superior quality of sand grain, casting defects such as finning and burn in are reduced. 

*The TES-SAN thermal reclamation plant is the possibility to minimize the part of new sand as well as the quantity of used sand to be landfilled. In this way the acquisition costs for new sand and the disposal 

*Your savings potential per year : 

(With assumed costs of) 

20 € per t new sand and 

20 € per t expenditure on disposal 

Thermal reclamation allows for a potential of savings for 

8 t new sand per day - approx. 50.000 €/year 

16 t new sand per day - approx. 120.000 €/year 

30 t new sand per day - approx. 240.000 €/year 

Further advantages of the application of thermal reclaim : 

•*higher size accuracy of castings 

* better casting surface 

* lower fettling effort 

* less waste 

* lower demand for binders 





*Shakeout machines are designed to separate molding sand from castings through a perforated / grizzly deck. They operate with more vertical action and at a higher frequency to facilitate sand lump reduction.Double deck designs, variable speed and adjustable inclination can all be incorporated. 


Model  Capacity t/h  Loading Capacity  Sizes 
TS1  15 7.000 kg  1.000 mm x 1.000 mm 
TS2  15 8.000 kg  1.500 mm x 1.500 mm 
TS3  20 10.000 kg  2.000 mm x 2.000 mm 
TS4  20 12.000 kg  2.000 mm x 2.000 mm