Steam Boilers

Steam Boilers

Our three transitive,blaze and smoke piped,high effiencient,full cylindirical steam boilers are produced specially in accordance with TS-37 and according to material and production orders. High thermic yield is provided with special-designed burning room and pipe lay-out.

Steam boilers are one of the boiler types most commonly used in industial institution Also,besides industrial institution,low compressive steam boilers are used in centralized systems. Special designed boilers immediately answer high steam attractions because they have big steam volume.


Compressive durable mirror and body

Large firebox for yielding burning.

Optimum gas transits.

Large steam volume.


Boiler body,mirror and hotspot iron sheets are thick enough in accordance with DIN 17175


Producted in accordance with TS-497 and TS-377 standards


Produced in accordance with fuel-oil,LPG,natural gas,coal and other alternative fuels