Water Boilers

Solid fueled centralized system hot water boilers

-It produced between 80.000kcal/h -1.000.000kcal/h capacity.

-Because our boilers designed as grate watered system,the lifespan of grate increased and by using the water's hot in the grate,the boiler's output increases.

-Boiler desing is full cylindrical and it can recondition to solid and liquid fuel.

-Cleaning,meaintenance and using is very easy.

-As per order,it can be produced as hand charged or automatic charged.

Liquid and gas fueled hot water boilers

-It can be produced between 80.000kcal/h - 10.000.000kcal/h  capacity.

-Boiler desing is three-transitive

-In gas fueled models,patented and turbulator-free pipe is used.

-It is a boiler that gets the least fuel with %96 yield.

-Our productions made in accordance with standarts.