Condensing Boilers

Condensing  Boilers and Condensing Economizers

While natural gas is used in houses for heating,cooking and hot water, its area of use in industry is much more. In most of these are of uses burning process occurs and exhaust gas arises. Recovery of waste heat and decreasing of fuel excpenses is becoming an inevitable situatin with regards to increasing energy costs.

When you research annual natural gas expenses,calculate that %17 of your expenses has decreased,attraction of the number emerged will please you. This also means to supply free energy need of one of 6 houses,one of 6 apartment which has the same capacity and quality.

In the exhaust gas that emerges as a result of the burning of natural gas contain in itself %11.9 water vapour. The energy gained from latent sensible heat coming out from From 1 kg water  emerging with the condensing of this water vapour is 543 kcal.

CH4+2O2=>CO2+2H2O+HEAT (burning equation)

With the condensation technology, as well as gainin energy from latent sensible heat,unburned gas proportion decreases pretty well.

One of the biggest benefits of condensation technology alongside fuel saving is that it decreass CO2 oscillation that is one of the reasons of global warming and greenhouse gas effect. Because the emission of flue gas has decreased,the emissions that's environmentally less hazardous originates. These emissions provide the values that's envisioned in Kyoto Protocol.

The environmental noise level of waste gas is decreased where the condensation technology is used.

The area of use of the condensation system in industry is very much. In Steam boiler used in process,hot water boiler,hot oil boiler,industrial furnace and fireboxes and cogeneration systems;heating of return water,heating of boiler feed water,producing clean hot water,heating of dock water and heating of  burner burning air are mainly areas of use.

In industrial facilities specialist detailed engineer calculation of condensation system implementation is needed.

Choosing the place of use of the heat gained according to the company's process and waste gas flow capacity,calculating the facility investment cost and redeem span are the duties of the producing company.

In the industrial applications the redeem span of condensation system occurs within a short period like 3-9 months.

Returning of the paying amount to this system in such short period,is a big gain for the industrialist who have high amount of energy expenses.

In a period that the competition conditions increased and profit levels decreased,reducing energy cost through condensation system,providing  a more environment-friendly system by reducing CO2 oscillation -one of the global warming reasons-  will be both in our company's and country's favour.