Biomass Fuel Systems

Dunnage Burning Systems

Our boilers are between 100.000kcal/h ile 3.000.000kcal/h capacity.

Our company setups full automatic burning systems with dunnage fueled boilers(steam,boiling oil,boiling waer,hot water) Through special designed boiler high yield is provided.

In burning room refractor material is used to provide funnel emission merits.

Through secondary air full burning is provided.

To prevent

If the client company wants, through a second burning cover,waste fuels can be recycled for burning large wood timber fuels.

There comes fuel full aotumaticly from silo to fuel feeding bunker. The dunnage can be transferred to the boiler in intended settigng.

Through speed control drivers,the grate speed level of burning is provided.

Incase of probable burning driving from boiler to bunker, the burning can automaticly be put out through water sputtering system.

Dunnage  Storage Silo can be produced in any capacity as with shaker.