Jet Pulse Filters

Jet Pulse-typed Filters

It can be produced between 5.000 m³/h - 200.000 m³/h capacity.

TES-SAN brand Jet-Pulse Filter System has high performance in containing all kind of dust and oil mist.

Suitable sized pouches can bu used according to using place.

Filter internal pressure droop is lower so it provides saving now that it requires lower fan power.

The dust accumulate on the external surface of the sacks on the cage while passing from dirty gas entry on the side surface of vertically aligned sacked cages due to the sucking done from the middle of cage.

The dusts accumulated on the sack surfaces on the cages are poured into the dust collecting bunker via instant strokes of pressured air.

Filter sacks are cleaned with the help of pressured air. They are transmitted to sack center with the help of pressured air venture.

Venture decreases pressure los and distribute throughout the long filter sack.

High speed pressured air shock blows up the filter sack,so the dust accumulated outside the sack is poured into the bunker with the blowing of the sack.

Instant pressured air shock waves are distributed with the help of pulses. Repetition of air shock waves can be immobilised or arranged according to filter sacks' resistance. The regulatability ofair shock waves is suitable for changing management conditions. The shocking system optimized in accorance with pressured tank provides a practical solutions when regulating the air shock through pressured air distribution pipe and pulses.