Fluidized Bed Boilers

Fluidized Bed Boilers

In fluidized bed boilers the dust coal fully burns in the air with the effect of enough air pressure impurely with  the ash. Because the heat energy coming out after burning as a result of the burning occur suspensionally is in direct contact with heat transfer surfaces,the boiler efficiency is increasing.

In fluidized bed boilers, because the burning coals are 0-10 mm and are in contach with all the surfaces of fuel at the moment the lime-dust coal mixture burns suspensionally ,the  efficiency increases till %99 level. Seconder fresh air that is fed in burning room both ensures increasing of efficiency and prevents the throwing the environmentally hazardous  carbonmonoxiced gases to air by ensuring the burning of carbonmonoxide gases coming out after the first burning. Also by preventing  the  temperature of burning part from increasing over 900 C with PLC automation system,there is no melting of ash in the coal and environmentally dangerous poisonous NOx gases doesnt go out.

One of the advantages of fluidized beds is that in these boilers there is no human intervention  to burning system. No matter how big the system is,due to fully automatic PLC system,it can be operated with minimum labor. So the fluidized bed boilers are the easiest to use and its automation is the most developed  solid fuel burning system.

In fluid-bedded boilers, gasses going out from burning room are transitted in a special-designed multisyclon and %80 of dust specks prevented from throwing on air is kept here. The rest ot dust specks is kept in sacked filter,so there doesnt occur any pollution because of dust.